How to take a vacation when you have a special needs pet!

The goal of our topic this month was to help you start thinking about how to go and put the oxygen mask on yourself, so that you are in better shape to take care of your special needs pet. It is not uncommon for pet parents to feel trapped at home because they feel they are the only ones who could properly take care of their pet.  We hope that through our webinar this month you heard some very practical advice on how to find a pet sitter and get things so organized that not only could you go on vacation, you could go on vacation and actually relax and have a great time!

Feedback and Tips from our Community:
Hi Tammy,
Your webinar was great!  I liked the point you made about writing out descriptors of your pets on the instruction sheet.  We have needed to do that with our cats, Bernie and Bennie. To us, they look very different and we know them by name. To others, they have gotten them confused as to who was who and this is a big issue, since Bennie gets meds twice a day.   Also, we have our pets' pills in their own weekly pill cases. This helps when determining how many pills a day.  This also, let's us check to make sure all the correct meds were given when we get back from vacation.
I thought your tip about calling your local vet or vet hospital to see if there is a vet tech that pets sits was a great idea!  This is a fantastic idea, especially for your senior or special needs pet.
Great and informative webinar!


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